Researching Photogrpahy - Keiko Sasaoka

Researching Photogrpahy - Keiko Sasaoka

Guest: Keiko Sasaoka
Date: 2011.2.13
Time: 18:00 -
Place: Akagi Study Centre, Tokyo (detail)
Language: Japanese

Researching Photography is pleased to invite a photographer, Keiko Sasaoka. In recent years, Sasaoka released her photographybook "PARK CITY"(2009), "EQUIVALENT"(2010) for the second year in a row. In 2011, her solo show VOLCANO will be held as the opening of a gallery called KULA PHOTO GALLERY. She will talk not only the coming show but also her <<Landscape>> series in the past and <<PARK CITY>> in which photographed in Hiroshima.
Bunmai Shirabe, graduate student of Aesthetics - Tokyo University, will be a main host of this talk. He writes essays on photography for several media.

Keiko Sasaoka was born in 1978, Hiroshima, Japan. She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2002(`Zokei` means a broader sense of design and fine arts). She is one of the founding members of photographers' gallery (Tokyo) and have been showed her work there in constant. In 2008, she won Encouragement prize at The Vision of Contemporary Art 2008 (Tokyo, Japan) and then Newcomer's Award at "Photographic Society of Japan Awards" in 2010.
KULA PHOTO GALLERY: http://pg-web.net/kula/keiko-sasaoka/

image credit: installation view of Keiko Sasaoka at Tamada projects corporation, 2008. Photo: Keiko Sasaoka